Robokit Imply® promotes the performance of students in Robotics Olympiad

In order to provide the inclusion of technology in the educational environment, Imply® has been conducting several donations of ROBOKITs – Educational Robotics Kit – for schools in the region of Santa Cruz do Sul. Last year, one of the schools was Anchieta School from Vera Cruz. The school has a Robotics Group, formed by several students.
This year, Anchieta School was one of the highlights schools in the Brazilian Robotics Olympiad, which had 70,000 students enrolled. With the help of Robokit – Educational Robotics Kit – students achieved an excellent performance at the Olympics: There were 18 medals, five students received the Merit medal and thirteen received state and national Bronze medals. In total, the school reached 15% of students medalists at the national level, higher than the average, which is 6%.


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