Sanepar innovates with Imply® Self-Service Kiosks

Sanepar innovates with Imply® Self-Service Kiosks

Aiming to modernize the services offered, the Sanitation Company of Paraná (Sanepar), in Brazil, opened a bidding process for Self-Service Terminals. Imply® was the big winner of the project, providing 100 self-service kiosks that were exclusively designed for this demand.
The Solutions are available in several public places and also in the SANEPAR Service Centers. Users will be able to carry out the issuance of invoices, payments, account history, cadastral updates, rate schedule, water quality verification, water saving tips, as well as a satisfaction survey. There are several possibilities that the user will find in the Imply® Self-Service Terminal. In addition, the terminals accept payment by debit and credit card in the main flags.


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