Santa Casa de Porto Alegre modernizes structure with Imply® Parking Platform

Santa Casa de Porto Alegre modernizes structure with Imply® Parking Platform

One of the largest hospital complexes in the Brazil, Santa Casa de Porto Alegre modernized its structure with the Integrated Platform for Management and Control of Vehicle Access to Parking Imply®. To receive visitors, employees and patients with more security and agility, Santa Casa now has 23 Vehicle Access Controls with Totems and Gates, 11 LED Panels informing on available vacancies, 11 Self-Service Kiosks and POS for payment.

Aiming to achieve the result expected by Santa Casa, the Imply® Parking Management Platform modernizes the parking operation and brings greater efficiency: it optimizes the entry and exit flow of high-performance vehicles, indicates the number of available parking spaces in each floor, enables self-service through the Kiosks and even offers payment points at the counters.

In addition, managers can access various reports and dashboards with real-time monitoring. Consisting of 08 hospitals, responsible for carrying out more than 6 million consultations per year, Santa Casa will expand, in 2023, its assistance capacity with the inauguration of the new unit, Nora Teixeira Hospital.

With 219 years of history and a path of pioneering spirit, credibility and excellence in health services, Santa Casa has a constant look to the future, promoting innovation initiatives, technological performance and knowledge generation.

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