São Januário safer with Facial Recognition

São Januário safer with Facial Recognition

Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama is at the forefront of innovation with a significant modernization of the São Januário Stadium, raising safety standards to provide an even safer and more efficient experience for its passionate fans.

Access to São Januário is facilitated by Imply® ElevenTickets Access Control Platform. The 52 turnstiles equipped with various validation technologies, such as RFID readers, 1D and 2D barcode (Qrcode), are receiving new Facial Recognition modules that, in addition to validating already existing technologies, verify and validate faces, guaranteeing agility and high precision at the entrance.

The facial recognition technology was inaugurated on September 21st for free fans, and in the following matches, expanded to members of the Gigante V and Dynamite Eterno categories. Currently, 21 of the 52 devices are already operating with the technology. The registration process for members, fans and visitors follows the applicable legislation for data collection and storage.

reconhecimento facial

Access control with facial recognition is one of the most efficient and safest innovations today, presenting high standards of safety, performance and practicality. The release process at the time of access involves three stages: identification, authentication and authorization. The technology uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to guarantee user identity, providing more secure and efficient access.

Imply® Facial Recognition System offers advanced resources to guarantee the accuracy and security of the registration and authentication process for users. With an accuracy greater than 99.9%, the Live Detection functionality detects attempts at representation and substitution, preventing the use of photos or videos for access authentication. Learn more: https://imply.com/engb/access-and-ticket/facial-recognition-validator/

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