Self Service Kiosks facilitate transfers at Sao Paulo Airports

Self Service Kiosks facilitate transfers at Sao Paulo Airports

Serveng Group has stood out for its services to connect Congonhas and Guarulhos Airports to strategic points in Sao Paulo through the Airport Bus Service. The wide range of routes and schedules makes it easy and safe to move around the largest capital in Brazil.

In order to make the passenger experience even more agile and practical, the group implemented the Imply® Self Service Kiosks with transfer ticket sales technology.

With this efficient technological solution, users can purchase tickets easily, without having to queue at counters. Located in airport arrival areas, Self Service Kiosks offer convenience and agility to service users, something especially important in large cities like São Paulo, where the organization and efficiency of transport services are fundamental.

With bold design and easy navigation, the kiosk with ticket sales technology generate even more convenience. Effectively, the customer makes the purchase with credit and debit cards, making the purchase of the ticket even easier.

self-service kiosk

Imply® Self Service Kiosks: Invest in this technology and enjoy countless benefits for your business:

  • Reduction in operating costs: Self Service Kiosks allow for a reduction in the number of attendants, freeing up the team to carry out other activities, reducing operating costs.
    Brand presence: with Kiosks customization, it is possible to highlight your brand in high-traffic places.
  • Greater service availability: Self Service Kiosks are accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in places with large circulation of people. This ensures efficiency, ease and improvement in the service offered to customers.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: with faster and more efficient service, customers are more satisfied with the service offered.

Learn more about our Self Service Kiosks:

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