Spasso Dourado Buffets innovates with bowling in São Paulo

Spasso Dourado Buffets innovates with bowling in São Paulo

The latest unit of the children’s buffet chain Spasso Dourado Kids opened in october in Sao Paulo. The structure has one thousand square meters, with capacity for 200 people. It’s an innovative and modern space, as the Imply® Green Bowling® alleys – the newest attraction at the venue.

The property is an ideal place to hold children’s parties. It has toys that will ensure the fun of the kids for hours. And bowling is an attraction for all ages, ensuring fun for both children and adults.

In addition to the bowling alley, the venue features a host of other entertainment options: a rock climbing wall, six-meter revolving tower, looping, ferris wheel, hunting simulator, professional snooker table, punching machine and soccer court. The play area also has a baby area with a ball pool, an art workshop, a face-painted dressing room, a doll’s house and a grocery store.

The menu is a highlight, with 20 types of savory, differentiated starters and a varied line of finger food. In addition to refreshing juices, cocktails and soft drinks, the establishment offers a cake menu with over 30 options.

If you are interested and also want to add value to your bowling business, please visit the link:


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