Stoneridge Resort innovates with Imply® Mini Bowling

Stoneridge Resort innovates with Imply® Mini Bowling

Now the Idaho region in USA also features Imply® Mini Bowling. The incredible Stoneridge Resort located in the city of Blanchard offers thousands of square feet of leisure, adventure and lots of fun. Surrounded by an incredible natural scenery, you can enjoy natural and artificial pools, reenergizing walks, and have fun with the Imply® Mini Bowling lane. Imply® MiniBowling  is a fully-designed family entertainment attraction, offering guaranteed fun for all ages!

Bowling is a proven attraction worldwide! Everyone loves playing because it is easy to learn and attracts all ages. Bowling is a lucrative entertainment tool and has above-average return on investment. Start your project now, and you could start earning a return on your investment next season. Count on our experience. We are your partners to maximize your results! Learn more:



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