Strike Villa: Technological Bowling in Acre

Strike Villa: Technological Bowling in Acre

Strike Villa, the most modern entertainment complex in Acre, in Rio Branco, Brazil, is already known for its pizzeria, space for memorable events and the delicious ice cream shop, which delights all visitors. Now, to add more excitement and fun, it brings the latest innovation: 8 state-of-the-art Imply® Bowling Alleys.

Highly technological, the 8 Bowling Alleys take players’ experience to another level. Each lane is equipped with colorful, animated LEDs, which create an immersive and unique atmosphere, transforming a game of Bowling into a visually stunning experience. Plus, the lighting adds a magical touch, with brilliant lighting effects that impress.

Interactivity is the watchword at Strike Villa. Through intuitive terminals, players have complete control over their games, allowing them to customize their experience with ease. Furthermore, the 55” LCD screens with 4k UHD resolution display detailed information about each shot on the panel, further enhancing the game scenario.

Imply® Bowling Alleys are an entertainment attraction that combines advanced technology, innovative design and guaranteed fun. With them, Strike Villa complex became more complete, providing a unique experience for each visitor.

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