Tauá Resort Alexania opens with Imply Bowling Alleys

Known for its luxurious structures, with numerous leisure attractions, the Tauá Hotels and Resorts chain inaugurated the Tauá Resort Alexânia, with 4 Official Bowling Alleys and 2 MiniBowling Imply Alleys, in Alexania, Goias, Brazil. In addition, the chain also has 4 Imply lanes at the Tauá Resort in Caeté, and 4 Imply bowling lanes at the Tauá Resort in Atibaia. Thus, through Imply Technology, Tauá Resorts offer innovative entertainment attractions, which promote the fun of guests of all ages.

Certainly, Bowling is a modern leisure and entertainment attraction that offers fun for all ages. “Bowling alleys are a proven attraction worldwide. It is an attraction that certainly values ​​any enterprise, offering fun experiences with the highest technologies applied to entertainment ”, emphasizes Imply’s CEO, Tironi Paz Ortiz.

Bowling is the ideal attraction for FEC’s, Parks, Buffets, Restaurants, Bars, Pub’s, Attractions, Malls, Hotels, Resorts, Condominiums, Residences, and much more.

Create amazing experiences with Bowling!
For more information access: https://imply.com/engb/bowling-and-entertainment/

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