Technological Upgrade at Praça Revolução Bowling

Technological Upgrade at Praça Revolução Bowling

In recent years, the entertainment industry has witnessed incredible technological advances. With the growing demand for immersive and exciting experiences, bowling centers now have the ability to make technological upgrades to take the bowling experience to new heights.

This is the case of Bowling Praça Revolução in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The enterprise upgraded its lanes with the new Red Bowling Imply® line, thus guaranteeing fun with the highest technology to its customers.

“Updates are amazing. We always seek the best for our customers, and Imply® always provides the best technology and surprises with each new launch” says Dulce Pariz, manager of Praça Revolução.

In the players area, new slim design terminals, with 18.5″ Touchscreen LCD monitor in portrait format, and illuminated body with RGB LED lighting effects, allowing players to access all game control functions very easily.

The look of the Decorative Panel has been updated, with new 55″ 4k UHD LCD screens. The return and ball elevator have also been updated, as well as the RGB LED lighting along the lanes, with light effects and vibrant colors that play a role crucial in creating an engaging atmosphere for the game.

Developed with the best technologies to create incredible experiences, the new Imply® BowlingNet® automatic scoring system is super friendly, very intuitive and easy to use. Ball speed is measured by sensors and displayed with each play. Players can see the balls bounce back between the lanes to the super modern ball carrier with floating effect, designed to offer the largest approach-free area on the market. In addition, BowlingNet® Central software gives you maximum control over the operation, with customizable payment options and reports.

The new Imply® Pinsetter Machine 11PSM guarantees high performance and safety, with a lot of embedded technology. More agile, silent and intelligent than ever, the 11PSM Imply® has a self-diagnosis system and a touchscreen display for settings and statistics. The equipment follows the official standards of the International Bowling Federation (IBF), with CE, UL and Inmetro quality certifications.

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