Technologies for the New Normal: The Future of Operations and Experiences

Technologies for the New Normal: The Future of Operations and Experiences

The impact of COVID-19 accelerated the need for leading brands to rethink their strategies and integrate new technologies. Certainly, companies that are positioned to grow, respond to changes with greater agility, and extract more value from their technological transformations, can obtain greater performance. Check out some highlights of the solutions we have developed to help your business adapt to new scenarios, create competitive advantages and drive growth.

The Customer First

The customer experience is constantly evolving. Thus, we design customer-centric omni-channel platforms and digital-first solutions to enable you to deliver the best experiences. Increasingly, launching digital services has become a necessity. We can help you create and integrate sales, payment and service channels, promoting digital excellence in your business. In addition, we design solutions to facilitate flows and create new opportunities for engagement with your brand and your sponsors.

Increase Revenue

Digital transformation helps accelerate profitable growth. Use digital and self-service platforms to automate payments, boost your sales conversion and create new revenue streams. Our portfolio of anti-fraud technologies not only increases security, but also reduces revenue evasion. In addition, membership programs are opportunities to build and maintain lasting relationships with customers. By offering benefits such as personalized experiences, access to exclusive events or products, and discounts, they allow you to create new forms of engagement, increase recurrence and retention.

Cost Efficiency

Automating routine tasks and back-office processes allows your team to be more available to focus on higher value-added activities. It is then possible to migrate operational roles to customer-centric roles. As a result, there is significant potential to improve services, streamline processes and increase business productivity. Our consultants help you rethink your operations and design technologies to save time and resources. In fact, these strategies allow you to increase growth, creating more value through efficiency, to reinvest in performance in a scalable way.

Data Driven Management

Our platforms help you capture and analyze relevant data for your business. Use integrated reports to manage and make decisions based on data. Real-time dashboards and analytics provide dynamic insights into customer journeys as well as sales and operations. Insights can help identify and prioritize opportunities. For example, create highly personalized offers and recommendations, offer discount coupons, upgrades, create combos based on spending habits, and much more.

Contactless Journey

Imagine offering secure and user-friendly experiences for payments, registration and access, that eliminate or reduce the “friction” of processes and physical contacts. See some of the technologies we integrate:
✓ Online booking and purchase of tickets and parking: Users can purchase tickets and parking online. By scheduling access times, it is possible to reduce physical lines. Accesses can be programmed with limit amounts of people for each time frame. Also, when shopping online, your customers can download the e-ticket.
✓ Online shopping of food and beverages: Encourage advance purchases of food and beverages, with pick-up schedules, to reduce physical lines. Users can order online and download the voucher to pick up their order on the schedules time (Express Pickup).
✓ Seat maps can be configured with safety distances.
✓ For users who have not purchased tickets and vouchers in advance, offer our exclusive ElevenTickets Fast solution, which eliminates physical lines for purchases.
✓ Your partners and employees can self-register themselves through our exclusive Fast Accreditation solution.
✓ Various touchless technologies for user validation and access control, with ultra-fast check-in, including Free Flow Validators, Face Recognition, E-Ticket / E-Wallet, RFID Smartcards and Wristbands, NFC, UHF TAG and more.
✓ Accesses can be separated into different gates for better flow, with real-time monitoring of occupancy rates.
✓ Option to automate health tests or vaccine validations for access authorization.
✓ Option to send push notifications with important instructions.
✓ Thermometers and thermal scanners with non-contact measurement technology. With self-service, they do not require the need for operators and allow blocking access and/or generating alerts in case of high temperature.
✓ Cashless: Proximity payments eliminate the need for users and operators to touch money and cards. Using E-Wallet, RFID Smartcard or Wristband, customers can purchase tickets, parking, products, food and beverages inside the establishment.

Count on our experts to make the right choice of technologies to innovate your business. What solution can we create for you? Contact us today!