Fun now has a name: Fireball Bowling!

Fun now has a name: Fireball Bowling!

The fun in Telêmaco Borba – PR is guaranteed with the Super Fireball Bowling.

Do you know why? Because the game can not stop!

Opened on March 12, the bowling alley is attached to a restaurant and cafe in the center of the city offering fun, good hours of relaxation with the best Green Bowling® bowling alleys, developed by Imply®.

Based on high performance and technological innovations, Green Bowling® allows the user to use their own smartphone to interact with the tracks, accessing the menu of options of the games, besides the incredible possibility to make requests of the menu and to share their score in the social networks .

The Green Bowling® developed by Imply® combines several reasons to attract players. It offer a more fun way to make many strikes, and keep them coming back for more! We have developed the Official Green Bowling® Bowling Lanes to offer the most modern entertainment technologies. All designed to create an incredible bowling experience.

So if life is a game, make it your best match!

To learn more about bowling, visit:

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