The importance of choosing the right colors for your Business

The importance of choosing the right colors for your Business

Do you feel tranquil when surrounded by a green field and a blue sky? Or are you slightly alarmed when you look at a red light?

The psychology of colors is one of the most interesting and controversial subjects in marketing. Several studies have shown that although there are individual factors, there are also some general patterns between the use of a color and specific effects on perception. Therefore, we have gathered below some insights based on various research on the use of colors for the image of your business.

According to a study released by Homestead, 93% of customers focus on the visual appearance of an establishment and 84.7% are impacted by the colors in their purchase decision. In addition, 80% believe that colors are responsible for the identity of a brand, while 52% of customers do not return to a store if they do not like its aesthetics.

The colors evoke emotions and influence how customers perceive and connect with the personality of the brand. Knowing this, the marketing strategies of the big brands seek to take this into account to create sensations regarding the brand image, to attract their audience, stimulate responses, and also to differentiate themselves from competitors. The colors red, orange and yellow are used to stimulate appetite and create a sense of urgency that triggers impulsivity, and so are used for example by fast food chains and great promotions.

Check out some meanings and associations of colors:
Black: authority, power, intelligence, stability, professionalism, trustworthiness, elegance, strength, formality.
Blue: tranquility, confidence, sincerity, security, productivity, wisdom.
Brown: genuineness, simplicity, cordiality, trust, earth, warm, inviting.
Golden: success, money, comfort, quality.
Gray / Silver: practicality, solidarity, timelessness, sophistication, class, mystery.
Green: growth, wealth, power, nature, health, well-being, relaxation, harmony, novelty.
Orange: optimism, attention, confidence, enthusiasm, creativity, joviality.
Purple: sophistication, royalty, respect, mysticism, new possibilities, imagination, creativity.
Red: energy, excitement, sense of urgency, daring, positivity, passion, stimulates the appetite.
White: simplicity, clarity, elegance, safety.
Yellow: attention, optimism, joy, animation, vibration, prosperity.

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