Three tips to get the full potential of Cashless technology

Three tips to get the full potential of Cashless technology

When it comes to optimizing the performance and results of your business, cashless is the technology of the future! There are many possibilities that the tool offers. For this reason, we have gathered some insights here for you to get the best out of this new technology and make your business a success!

1. Customize your currency

Creating a personalized name for your cashless currency helps to optimize the audience experience. Ideally, the name should preferably be related to your business. In addition, it is possible to visually personalize the card or bracelet with your brand and the name of your currency.

2. Inform your audience about cashless

Informing your customer is essential to not only increase public satisfaction, but also to maximize cashless results. Success with the public depends on the ways in which you publicize the project.

When and where to disclose?
The most appropriate is to disclose the rules and conditions for the use of Cashless to customers before, during and after the event. The objective is that the information is easily accessible to the public, in a way that helps to the maximum to solve all people’s doubts.
– Pre-event and post-event: Add information about cashless to the advertising channels you already use (website, social networks, e-mails, etc.).
– During the event: place large banners and posters at the event, close to the cashiers and in places of high visibility.

What to disclose?
It is recommended that you include in this disclosure:
– The name of your custom currency (if applicable);
– How to purchase a card / bracelet – places to register and the amount of the activation fee;
– How to recharge – recharge locations and minimum recharge amount;
– How to get a refund – refund locations, refund rules and conditions, link to the refund website.

3. Understand your audience’s consumption behavior through reports

Use the data obtained from the reports to gain insights about your audience, such as their habits, shopping preferences, products most consumed, products least consumed, among others. This information is very useful to adjust the options offered in the next opportunity.
You can, for example, gather the combinations that were ordered most often and combine them into a combo or package. Creating combos can increase sales and customer satisfaction. The packages help to streamline orders with recommendations for combinations that offer a great experience.

In addition, they increase sales because you encourage the consumer to buy two items instead of ordering just one.
To create the packages, make sure it offers savings, or discount, compared to ordering the separate items. The combination should offer a clear savings to the final consumer of at least $ 0.30. The greater the savings, or perceived value, the greater the attractiveness of the combo’s offer to the public. After defining the packages, ensure that your attendants are well trained to properly offer them to the public, when ordering.

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