Soccer Matches with Record Attendance in 2022 count on Imply®

Soccer Matches with Record Attendance in 2022 count on Imply®

A crowded stadium, excited fans and soccer players putting on a show on the field: each match is a remarkable experience, especially for those who watch it live and in color. This year alone, the Brazilian Championship and Brazil’s Cup have already taken thousands of fans to stadiums and arenas.

Of all the games so far, the 3 matches with the largest audiences registered in the 2022 Brazilian Championship and Brazilian Cup had Imply® Technology:

1st Flamengo x Juventude – Brazilian Championship – Mané Garrincha Stadium – Audience: 65,392 fans.

2nd Flamengo x Palmeiras – Brazilian Championship – Maracanã Stadium – Audience: 64,816 fans.

3rd Flamengo x Atlético-MG – Brazilian Cup – Maracanã Stadium – Audience: 62,624 fans.

Flamengo, one of the biggest clubs in the country, with 42 million fans, uses the integrated ticketing platform Imply® ElevenTickets. In addition to simultaneous sales on multiple channels, such as the Web and POS at the box office, the platform offers performance for high traffic flows, as is the case with Flamengo fans. As a result, sales volume reaches 800 tickets sold and processed per minute.

To give you an idea, in 2019, the last year before the pandemic, Imply® recorded more than 1 million tickets sold for Flamengo. In addition to providing agility for the fans, the solution leverages efficiency and productivity, automates operational processes and provides complete reports for management.

“When we talk about ticket sales, reliability, immediacy, security and high performance are essential to guarantee fan satisfaction. Flamengo is the Soccer Club with the most fans in Brazil. Having a complete, dynamic and responsive platform like Imply®, directly impacts the team’s success on and off the field. It’s a solid and consolidated partnership.” Daniel Bonvini, Flamengo’s Marketing Director.

Complete solutions for Clubs, Arenas and Stadiums

Imply® leads as a technology provider for Ticket Sales, Membership Management and Access Control for the most innovative Football Clubs, Arenas and Stadiums in Latin America, offering complete and integrated solutions for a performance worthy of champions. Elevate the fan experience before, during and after arriving at the stadium with the exclusive facilities of the Eleven360® Platform. Learn more:

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