UFSM and Imply® presents new chip for energy efficiency

UFSM and Imply® presents new chip for energy efficiency

On the morning of Friday, 22, a delegation of the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), from South Brazil, led by Dr. Joao Baptista Martins, teacher, researcher and coordinator of Santa Maria Design House, was at Imply to present to the CEO, Tironi Paz Ortiz, and Chief Technology Officer, Fabiano Horn, the result of over 2 years of research and technological development: the unprecedented Chip ZR16LP08.

UFSM through Santa Maria Design House, developed exclusively for Imply the micromachined device of low power consumption. This is the first chip produced with Brazilian intelligence that will be used, among other projects, in the development of a device for improved energy efficiency. “The ZR16LP08 chip will be incorporated into a product called Imply Standby Power Reducer (RESBI), able to significantly reduce standby power of electrical equipment we have in our homes. This consumption now represents 5-8% of the total consumption of equipment in use, “explains the coordinator of SMDH.

According to the Imply CEO, from delivery of the chips, which happened last Friday, the company will begin to develop the product soon. The expectation is that the product reaches the market in 2017, with the average price of approximately R$ 20.00. “The idea is that RESBI will be an accessory that you find in any electrical or electronic supply store. We want to make a very competitive cost just so the customer in a few months can have the return on investment,” said Ortiz. The power reducer can be connected to electronic appliances such as TVs, cable TV equipments, microwave, computer, printer, videogame, phone charger, washing machine, radio, DVD or Blu-Ray player, among others that continue using energy even when it is believed they are switched off.

Imply’s Technology Director, Fabiano Horn, stresses about RESBI, that “it will be a separate product, so that each person can install at their home, like a plug adapter, which will also have an intelligence to shut off the device power completely while in standby and only the chip will consume energy. ”

Every year, Brazilian companies spend about $ 15 billion on importing chips. Therefore, as explained Baptista, “This moment is historic because Brazil is a country importer of chips and controllers with high value. The development of a product here that will be used by a Brazilian company, is something new to be celebrated. It is the first chip with Brazilian design. All the inside intelligence and chip design are made here.”

The project was presented in 2013 to Imply, which came as co-financing. Altogether, were invested R$ 2.5 million – 90% by the Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep), a Brazilian public company to encourage science, technology and innovation. According to Martins, the chip – measuring 3mm by 2 mm on a 1cm integrated circuit – may incorporate new functions, and can also be sold to other companies. Imply is already working on more projects to use the device.

Aiming to continue building a future of continuous innovation, Imply has strategic partnerships with universities. According to Ortiz “Our intention is to turn research and scientific knowledge in technologies that can be used for the benefit of the society and our planet.”

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