How Upgrade Modernizes Bowling and Attracts New Customers

How Upgrade Modernizes Bowling and Attracts New Customers

If you ow Bowling Alleys from any brand, for several years, the best way to renew and enhance your Bowling is to modernize it with an Upgrade, and Imply® can help you with that!

What does upgrade mean?

The Upgrade consists of replacing and renewing some of the bowling parts.

Check below the benefits of modernizing your Bowling

With Upgrade, you can get great benefits. The Upgrade not only modernizes the look of your Bowling and draws customers’ attention, but also offers greater performance, durability and useful life to the equipment.

You will be able to give your Bowling a new face through an Aesthetic Upgrade. Your bowling will look new after changing colors, decorative panel, screens, terminals, channels, players area furniture, among others. In addition, the most important advantage is to replace old hardware elements such as Pinsetter, Mechanical Parts and Laminates, is to provide better performance, reduce maintenance costs and avoid future losses. In addition, you can even save on your energy bill.

We help you renovate and modernize your Bowling

We offer innovative solutions with the latest technologies to upgrade your Bowling, helping to make it more profitable! More than attracting new customers, you will renew your Bowling for current customers, generating countless benefits.

We offer all the support, ​​and the most innovative and reliable products to remodel your Bowling in a timely and profitable way, according to your needs.

How it works?

If you are interested in upgrading your Bowling Alleys or have any questions, please contact our team today:


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