Use the Internet of Things and create a more productive plant in your industry

Use the Internet of Things and create a more productive plant in your industry
The industries have been intensifying its search for constant improvements and solutions that will bring optimization for productivity, as part of their growth strategies. In this context, we are in the course of a new revolution: The Internet of Things (IoT), considered the new industrial revolution, and the revolution of the machines. With the Internet of Things, machines and machines connect and interact with each other and with their human operators, across devices and sensors, in order to have more efficient production routines. Thus, the Internet of things can help industries to rebuild competitiveness.
A study presented by Business Insider – The Internet of Things 2015 Report, shows that the factory automation was one of the sectors that had the biggest increase in machine to machine communication (M2M) from 2013 to 2014, with a significant growth of 204%. The projection is that by 2020, worldwide, Intelligent Factories will have invested US$ 3 billion, at 11.2 billion units with IoT for their production lines. The trend is that intelligent machines will automate repetitive tasks, directing employees for more creative works.
Aware of this revolution, Imply® Electronic Technology has been investing in R&D in order to help Smart Factories to absorb the power of IoT and integrate innovations to its plants, taking advantage of these opportunities decisively. One of the smart solutions developed by Imply® are the Production Panels that encourage greater control and productivity, providing information on the production in real time.


Imply® has developed customized Production Panels for Honda Motors, John Deere, Hering Textile, Bibi Shoes, Takata Weaving, and more. The provision of data to the panels is done automatically by sensors. From the collected data, each panel reports the total of the parts produced, production target (total, per hour, per shift, daily or monthly), the difference between the target and the current production, and other data as required by each company. Thus, the technology allows to measure productivity and increase efficiency.
In order to continue building a future of continuous innovation, recently the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) developed for Imply® the ZR16LP08 Chip, a pioneer microcontroller of low power consumption, already in commercial production. The chip measures 3 mm by 2 mm with an integrated circuit of 1cm, and can incorporate various settings, which will be used for numerous applications. Imply® is already working on more projects for the device.
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