Entrevias guarantees traffic safety with Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers

Entrevias Highway Concessionaire found in the Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers an intelligent solution to ensure traffic safety on the state highways of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Trailer-mounted, Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers can be moved quickly to optimize signage in places that need the most attention. Thus, they are very useful for traffic guidance and control.

Above all, they help drivers by presenting dynamic messages that allow them to inform about traffic. They allow, for example, to alert drivers about traffic accidents and occurrences, road works and maintenance, traffic jams, closure of lanes and tunnels, traffic routing, alternative route options, weather conditions, among others. In addition, they allow displaying educational messages to promote the reduction of accidents and speed.

Benefits of Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers:

These are some of the differentials of Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers:

✓ LED’s with the highest technology that ensure a clear view of information day and night;

✓ Messages can be viewed at great distances;

✓ Allows to schedule day and time for displaying specific messages;

✓ Solar Power option;

✓ It is possible to check the location with GPS technology.

✓ And more. Interested? For more information, access: https://imply.com/engb/panels/tms-trailer-message-sign/

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