Vem Pra Mesa offers Imply® Bowling Lanes in Natal

Vem Pra Mesa offers Imply® Bowling Lanes in Natal

The entertainment center Vem Pra Mesa Game Center decided to innovate with two Imply® Bowling Lanes, and provide fun for all ages!

Vem pra Mesa is an entertainment complex located in Natal, Brazil. Besides having Imply® Bowling Lanes, it has great food, good drinks and lots of fun with over one thousand board games and video games. In other words, there are plenty of good entertainment options for those who want to have fun!

Imply® Bowling Lanes elevate the experience of the players with the most modern technologies. In addition, its synchronized lighting system on the pins, along the lanes, and in the players’ Terminal, impresses anyone! The lanes create the necessary impact to spend hours playing.

What a venue gains with Imply® Bowling Lanes:

It is no exaggeration to say that Imply Bowling Lanes make bowling something extraordinary. Through the various technologies combined, they create a perfect environment for fun. But more than that, our bowling lanes are ideal for various locations, such as Bars and Pubs, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Entertainment Centers, Residences, Condominiums, Hotels and Resorts, and more.
Check below some of the benefits of having Imply® Bowling Lanes:
✓ Our products have factory warranty, are easy to operate and respect the highest international quality standards and norms;
✓ Through the Touch Screen Terminal you can access all control functions of the lane, as well as make menu orders and connect your smartphone to the game;
✓ The lighting system gives a real show of colors, causing the “WOW” effect in all players;
✓ Modern, bold and sophisticated design, developed with the best materials, equipment and technologies;

Get to know Imply® Bowling Lanes:

So, how about innovating with Imply® Bowling Lanes? We can help you make your place an even more innovative environment with a custom project. Learn more:

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Polecenie Binance
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