Venancio Aires implements Imply Health Platform to prevent COVID-19

Venancio Aires implements Imply Health Platform to prevent COVID-19

The City Hall of Venâncio Aires and the Imply Group, announced in a press conference, on the morning of this Wednesday, 20, the implantation of the Imply Health Platform, in Venancio Aires, Brazil. The mayor of Venancio Aires, Giovane Wickert, the CEO of the Imply Group, Tironi Paz Ortiz, and other members of the Municipal Administration, Imply Group and Caciva (Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Venancio Aires) participated in the conference.
The innovative Imply Health Platform makes it possible to create a network of information, with reliable data in real time that facilitate and streamline decision making by the public authorities. In this way, it offers intelligent tools, with the objective of promoting the control, the reduction of impact and the prevention of exponential contamination of COVID-19.
According to the mayor, the use of the platform will be regulated by a decree. “We are pioneers in the implementation of the Platform. We will start using it in the City Hall, Secretaries, Public Agencies. And then, encourage use for the other sectors”, declared Wickert. Thus, commercial and industrial establishments will be helping to monitor people’s temperatures, generating alerts to public managers about altered temperatures and the circulation of people with the virus. “The company that adheres to the system, will be able to measure the temperature of customers and employees and register the information on the platform. This establishment will also receive a certificate. Therefore, whoever enters the place, will know that it is a safe point”, he highlights.
The objective, according to the mayor, is to use technology to provide greater protection, security and protection to the population. “The data comes straight to the Department of Health and, thus, we will be able to identify, for example, where a person tested positive for the disease circulated, and better guide each person”, he highlights. From the data, the decisions by the public authorities can be more effective for monitoring the spread of the disease.
The Imply Group prioritizes collaborating with the government and society as a whole to ensure that the technology is used with complete security, encryption and protection of everyone’s information and privacy.


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