Via Brasil installs Imply® Self Service Kiosks on BR-163

Via Brasil installs Imply® Self Service Kiosks on BR-163

Via Brasil is the concessionaire responsible for the maintenance, conservation and monitoring of the BR-163. The 1,009-kilometer stretch is one of the main corridors for the flow of grain production in the Midwest and North of Brazil.
Via Brasil invested in solutions that made the service to its public more optimized, practical and qualified. Self Service Kiosks were installed to reduce waiting time and increase the number of people served at specific points.

More agility in service and convenience for customers

Imply®’s priority with the terminal project is to develop solutions that bring more comfort, autonomy and practicality to people’s routine. Via Brasil understands the importance of offering innovation and technology to highways, so we are pleased to collaborate with our solutions providing the best experiences.
Another important factor to be taken into account when using Self Service Kiosks is the higher availability of services. Services that are essential can become more accessible through technological solutions such as this one.

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