Understand what Cashless is, how it works, and why you need this tool

Understand what Cashless is, how it works, and why you need this tool

Isn’t it inconvenient when you want to buy a drink at an event but the line is long? Or when the cashier’s clerk has no change? It was in order to solve these and other problems that the Imply® Group, through Eleven360®, developed the ElevenCash platform, with the modern cashless tool.

Although it is still recent, this technology has been part of the routine of more and more people. Commercial establishments, fairs and festivals use this tool daily to facilitate financial transactions.

But after all, what is Cashless?

As its name suggests, Cashless is a 100% cashless payment system, developed to streamline and bring more security in financial transactions at events and establishments. Cashless payments are extremely flexible and can be made using an RFID card or bracelet. With this, the customer can consume without having to worry about cash, debit or credit cards.

And how it works?

The procedure is very simple: by bringing the RFID chip close to the reader of the POS machine, in a matter of fractions of a second, the financial transaction is carried out. In an easy, fast and secure way, the exact value of the product is deducted from the credit that was inserted in the card. Recharging can be done in advance by smartphone or computer, through a sales portal on the internet, or on site, at check-outs or self-service terminals.

Why do I need Cashless in my business?

In addition to being a worldwide trend, this modern solution has several benefits for both the entrepreneur and the consumer.

• Security is a vital point in any business, and with Cashless your cashier will never run the risk of being empty. All transactions are encrypted, with the information stored in the system. That is, you are protected from possible fraud or theft.

• With Cashless, event logistics are no longer a headache! Without having to change or carry out transactions with cash, the process is much more agile.

• Cashless technology contributes to the management of entrepreneur and consumer spending. Using the ElevenCash integrated system, it is possible to control the store’s inventory and cash flow. With real-time reports and dashboards, you manage your business with high precision.

Are you interested and want to know more about the ElevenCash solution? Then access the link and request a free quote!



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