5 Must-Have Tips on Access and Ticketing Solutions for Your Business

5 Must-Have Tips on Access and Ticketing Solutions for Your Business

No matter the segment of the event or attraction. To win the public’s trust and loyalty is not an easy task. And did you know that the first impression of your event / business starts long before the attraction itself?

Every experience lived by the visitor counts. It already begins in the preparation, like the purchase of the tickets. Waiting for hours in long lines is out of the question. In this article we separated 05 tips on Access and Ticketing to create a good impression from the first contact.

# 1 Online Sales Platform

Having a platform for online ticket sales helps in publicizing and organizing the event. The visitor can purchase the entrances from the comfort of the home, in an agile and simple way. On the other hand, they can plan sales projections, with real-time information on the progress of ticket sales.

# 2 Responsive Access

It is important that the ticketing platform runs efficiently on all devices. Therefore, e-commerce must be responsive, which means that its performance will be satisfactory on computers, tablets and smartphones.

# 3 Self-Service Terminals

In addition to selling tickets through the internet, another facility that you can make available to your audience are the Self-Service Terminals. Through them the customer can access information about certain attraction, as well as buy their tickets with few touches on the screen. Fast, simple and without queues.

By following these three tips you will get tickets sold efficiently and customer satisfied from the first contact. All right. But the saga for the conquest of the public continues. The next step is now with the access to the event / attraction. For this:

# 4 Access Management

The access control must be agile and efficient, so that the time in the queue is the smallest possible. In addition, it is necessary that the system has capacity to meet a large number of people, without presenting flaws that can make the visitor displeased.

# 5 Complete Solution

Bet on a company that offers a service that efficiently meets all of the above steps. Eleven Tickets®, an Imply® Group company, offers a complete solution, integrated in a single omni-channel 360 platform to sell tickets, control access to people and vehicles, and manage the success of operations with central management and BI (business intelligence) .
Are you interested? Contact us! We will be happy to serve you!


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