Absolute luxury: Spectacular house with Imply® Bowling

Absolute luxury: Spectacular house with Imply® Bowling

The coast of São Paulo, Brazil, is known for its beautiful beaches and charming coastal landscapes. And in the midst of this paradisiacal setting, a beautiful mansion in contemporary architecture stands out. Absolute luxury in Ubatuba, the spectacular house has Imply® Bowling.

This imposing residence enchants with its cantilevered volumes overlooking the sea. Likewise, it combines the use of wood, and light tones that simultaneously confer simplicity and sophistication.

Perfect for entertaining friends and family, the house is an invitation to have fun. Even more so with its leisure area complete with Imply® Bowling, private access to the beach and swimming pools.

Every space designed in wood tones generates the comfort and warmth needed for good times. They also contrast with the colorful and interactive visual effects according to each play, transforming the environment into a complete leisure center.

Effectively, absolute luxury in Ubatuba in a spectacular house with Imply® Bowling.

What does Imply® Residential Bowling offer to a Residence:

The Imply® Residential Bowling Alley is a fantastic option to guarantee fun for all ages and is an excellent choice to gather family and friends. In addition, it adds value to your property and makes it unique in relation to others. Check below some benefits of having an Imply® Residential Bowling Alley:
– The design of Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys is sophisticated, modern and innovative. They are developed with the best materials, equipment and technologies available on the market.
– In addition to making your environment more luxurious, an Imply® Residential Bowling Alley adds value to your property.
– Bowling creates a contagious environment and takes your leisure area to a new level of entertainment!
– The lighting system of the Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys provides a true show of lights and colors, making the bowling experience unique.
– Imply® products have a factory warranty, they are also easy to operate and meet the highest international quality standards and norms.

Impress your guests, get in touch to develop your exclusive project: https://imply.com/engb/contact/

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