Atlético surpasses R$42 million in Ticket sales with Imply® Technology in 2021

Atlético surpasses R million in Ticket sales with Imply® Technology in 2021

Current Brazilian and Copa do Brasil champion, the soccer club Atlético-MG has plenty of reasons to celebrate. In addition to the titles, through Imply® Technology, the club exceeded R$ 42 million in ticket sales in 2021. With proven experience and cutting-edge technologies, Imply® Group celebrates this important landmark with the club.

Atlético-MG won the Triple Crown, being state, Brazilian and Copa do Brasil champion. Not only did the club have an excellent performance on the field, but also off it. The partnership with the Imply® Group was essential to ensure high performance, practicality and speed when purchasing tickets. The club boasted the largest audiences in Brazilian professional league, taking for example 61,573 fans to Mineirão Stadium against Bragantino, at the 37th round of the competition.

Atlético-MG uses the Eleven360 Imply® Platform to manage its ticket sales channels in an integrated and intelligent way. The Imply® Eleven360 Platform is integrated with the club membership plans. In this way, the club has pre-defined sales waves for each plan level. Thus, before each user starts the sales process, the Imply® Eleven360 Platform analyzes the level of the member’s plan to define the period that the user can access the purchasing area. Likewise, the platform has several tools that optimize the management and deliver the best experiences to fans, promoting digital excellence.

Using the powerful Imply® Platform, the Brazilian champion achieved a record 34,611 tickets sold per hour and 1,144 tickets sold per minute. In 15 matches with public, more than 511,000 tickets were sold. After a year and a half of closed gates in Brazil due to the covid-19 pandemic, the first games had audience restrictions. Thus, Atleticans had the highest average audience in Brazilian football in 2021.

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