Caminhos do Mar modernizes ticket sales with ElevenTickets Imply®

Caminhos do Mar modernizes ticket sales with ElevenTickets Imply®

Full of natural beauty, Brazil has several ecological tourism initiatives. Now, Parque Caminhos do Mar, in São Paulo, has Imply® technology, enhancing the experience of the growing number of visitors to this tourist attraction.

With the ElevenTickets Imply® ticketing platform, visitors have easy and convenient access, and managers have real-time information.

Therefore, to visit this extraordinary attraction, simply access the portal:

Caminhos do Mar is a heritage of natural and historical wealth:

Located in the Serra do Mar State Park, in São Paulo, Caminhos do Mar offers recreation, environmental education and ecotourism in the stretch of Serra that makes up the Estrada Velha de Santos. In addition, it is an environmental heritage characterized by the Atlantic Forest of great beauty and has a historical and cultural collection composed of irregular stones taken from the riverbeds, where the first paved connection between the capital and the São Paulo coast was formed. Likewise, it has other attractions, including the Calçada do Lorena, a stone trail where Dom Pedro passed to proclaim the Independence of Brazil in 1822.

Thanks to its great natural wealth, the Serra do Mar State Park, where Caminhos do Mar is located, was declared a Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic Forest by Unesco. Created in 1977, the Serra do Mar State Park has 360,000 hectares that run through 25 municipalities in São Paulo. In other words, it is the largest biological corridor in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil and has 1361 species of animals and 1200 types of plants registered.

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