Giants in technology and football

Giants in technology and football

We added incredible numbers in the year 2022: More than 7.4 million tickets sold, 515 games held, 11 championships, 7 Clubs attended in series A and B, and 8 games in the ranking of the 10 biggest audiences of the year in Brazil.

Imply® is a leader in providing technologies for Ticketing, Membership Management and Access Control for the most innovative Football Federations, Clubs, Stadiums and Arenas in Latin America. Being part of the history of the sport is a merit due to Imply®’s commitment to the development of innovative solutions.

Imply® Eleven360® Platform brings together the best and most complete tools to modernize the management and experiences of fans at events. The numbers for the year 2022 reflect directly on the high performance of technologies for large volumes of public, and reiterates Imply®’s commitment to boost the results of our customers.


Of the 10 biggest audiences of the year in Football, 8 feature Imply® Eleven360® solutions

Stability, security and ease: these are the main benefits of using Eleven360® technologies. When thinking about developing methods that promote an evolution in the mechanisms of large sporting events, one of the main points that is taken into account is the performance and availability for high traffic flows.

Based on this objective, Imply® has made it possible for large Clubs to obtain results outside the curve, as in the case of Flamengo, where tickets for the Copa do Brasil final sold out in just 2 minutes.

Cruzeiro Esporte Clube also stood out this year with a record crowd at the box office in games and packed stadiums, close to the mark of 1 million fans present this season.

In addition to meeting FIFA standards, Imply® Eleven360 Platform is also a pioneer in Brazil with 100% Access with Biometric Validation at the Club Athletico Paranaense Stadium. The entire Club system is interconnected with the Paraná Government database, which enables instant monitoring of all fans present. The initiative aims to reduce violence and promote sporting events in a safe, healthy and peaceful way.

Unlimited borders, present in more than 125 countries

Throughout 2022, in addition to operating in the games of the 7 Clubs served in series A and B, which are: Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, Clube Atlético Mineiro, América Futebol Clube, Esporte Clube Juventude, Sport Club Internacional and Sport Club do Recife, Imply® was responsible for the operation of events of great magnitude in different countries.

The technology solutions were custom-designed for 11 championships, including the 2022 Copa Sudamericana final in Córdoba, Argentina and the biggest football club competition in Latin America, organized by CONMEBOL: final of the 2022 Copa Libertadores de America in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Check the list of championships held:

  • Brazil’s Cup
  • Brazilian Championship – Serie A
  • Brazilian Championship – Serie B
  • Brazilian Super Cup
  • Copa Libertadores of America
  • Copa Sudamericana
  • Carioca Championship
  • Mineiro Championship
  • Gaucho Championship
  • Pernambuco Championship
  • Northeast Cup

With the purpose of offering fans the most technological arena in Latin America, Arena MRV will have several differentials to deliver ease, entertainment and enchantment. Imply® was chosen to implement Access Control for Atlético’s new home. The solution will be a pioneer in Brazil, with the most modern access validation technologies, with the innovative Facial Recognition, in addition to Digital Biometrics, NFC, Bluetooth, RFID, 1D and 2D Barcodes (QR Code).

Discover our solutions for Federations, Clubs, Stadiums and Football Arenas

Data Analytics: dashboards, reports and real-time monitoring that allow you to generate insights to leverage the success of operations. It allows you to know more about your audience, their habits and behavior to offer the best experience.

Omnichannel E-Commerce: sell season tickets, championships, matches, events, museums, tours and parking. In addition, it has the availability of selling F&B, products, collectibles, services, options, combos and packages.
It integrates multiple sales channels, such as: APP, Mobile & Desktop Responsive Web Portal, POS for box office and external points of sale and self-service terminals.
Through the platform you can create upsell opportunities, personalized promotions and manage customer service.

Access Control for people and vehicles: Promotes easy and quick access, integrated management of each entry point and a high flow of validations per minute.
Manage tickets and occupancy in real time, monitor VIP access to activate services, in addition to optimizing face-to-face or fast accreditation for employees, partners, permit holders, press, police, among others.
The platform integrates access restrictions and authorizations for millions of users by sector and type of ticket, blocks the entry of unauthorized or unidentified people and invalid or previously used media, restricting access in accordance with the strictest security requirements.
It includes the touchless journey: contactless access options and several technologies for validation and super-fast check-in through facial recognition, biometrics, NFC, Smartcard RFID or 1D/2D barcode.
You still have several access media options, such as: E-ticket, printed at home, RFID Smartcard, RFID Wristband, Pre-Printed and Thermal Paper.

Cashless for Stores & Restaurants: Offers easy, fast and intuitive purchases and payments through multiple integrated sales channels to top up credits and purchase products: APP, Mobile & Desktop Responsive Web Portal, POS for Stores and Restaurants, POS for Street vendors and self-service terminals.
With Cashless you can reduce queues by offering an option to purchase credits for consumption in advance, you have the differential of delivery on chairs and you also have uncomplicated access to register management, consumption statements and more.
Choose the option of consumer technologies: Wristbands and Wearables RFID, Smartcard RFID, QRCode and App.

Assisted Operation: Support and monitoring services to ensure the excellence of operations, with trained and qualified professionals to ensure the quality and safety of events.

FullColor Panels: Digital Signage to promote better experiences, disseminate scores, interactions, videos, useful information, and advertising, whether in the Large Screen or Perimeter format, with Web management for convenience and total control.

Personalization is the key to amazing results

Through market research, we know that 54% of football fans frequently use the internet for their purchases, and believe that shopping online makes their lives easier. Furthermore, 80% of consumers only engage with personalized offers. This reflects on the way fans buy their tickets and this behavioral response is valuable for us to use the ideal tools to boost results.

Creating a personalized environment with the products and services that the consumer seeks, providing innovative and designed experiences for high volumes of public, maximizing security through anti-fraud technologies, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs, are some of the positive aspects of choosing a platform as powerful as Eleven360®.

Fans are looking for more than just a game, they are looking for identification with the brand, peace of mind and unique experiences. Therefore, innovating management with technological evolution and digital transformation will bring more agility and extraordinary results, as the numbers above show. Imply® remains committed to technologies so that more records are hit.