Imply® Bowling Lanes Installed at Mall in Indonesia

Imply® Bowling Lanes Installed at Mall in Indonesia

Rita Supermall shoppers in Tegal, Indonesia have a new entertainment option. Four Imply® Bowling Café® Lanes from the Green Bowling® Line have been installed in one of Happy Time’s units and will surely guarantee a lot of fun for the families who attend the place.

Happy Time is a family entertainment center owned by Mitra Gamesindo. Founded in 1978, the network currently operates 80 establishments in various Indonesian cities under the brands “Happy Time”, “Wonderland”, “Mr. Games” and “Fun and Play”. Its centers include a variety of games and diversified activities, such as painting workshops and educational shows.

One of the most interesting features of bowling is that it can be easily incorporated into Family Entertainment Centers, such as Happy Time. The bowling line provides fun for both children and adults, ensuring entertainment for all ages.

Bowling Café is a concept developed exclusively by Imply®. Among its great differentials are the compact alleys, with official balls and pins; In addition, Bowling Café has a self-service system where players can enter credits for fun.

Learn more about the Imply® Group bowling line:



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