Imply® Group promotes roundtable on public transport solutions at ANTP Arena in Sao Paulo

Imply® Group promotes roundtable on public transport solutions at ANTP Arena in Sao Paulo

Last Thursday, 26th, the Imply® Group held a discussion with a team of experts on mobility trends in Brazil and around the world to improve citizens’ lives. The activity was part of the programming of Arena ANTP 2019 – Brazilian Congress of Urban Mobility. The event took place from the 24th to the 26th, at the Transamerica Expo Center, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The panel’s theme was “Systems and Solutions for Public Transportation” and was attended by Carlos Batista and Felipe Alves, from Metra, Carlos Augusto Guedes, from the Consortium Otimo, Fabiano Horn, from the Imply Group and Rodney Freitas, from Autopass.

The conversation was mediated by Imply Group Marketing Director Tiana Ortiz. Throughout the conversation, new emerging technologies that could be implemented to streamline operations and deliver a better audience experience were addressed. “To provide a better audience experience, it is critical to analyze the entire user journey. In addition, the use of technology makes it easy to scale the volume of operations with agility. Another important point to plan for is capillarity. ” explained Fabiano Horn.

Customer Experience

Carlos Guedes highlighted the diversity and analysis of information as vital points to provide a positive customer experience. “It is important to ensure the timeliness and predictability of public transportation. In addition, the offer of different payment methods, ATMs, APPs, and the use of telemetry also contribute to this ecosystem. It is necessary to integrate different data from different systems for analysis. Information helps deliver more assertive deliveries.” Still, Rodney added. “Analyzing audience behavior data gives you a more holistic view to plan and offer options that deliver ever better quality of life for urban transport users.”

In addition to the roundtable, the company also had a booth at the event with the solutions of the company. Imply® Group is a provider of self-service public transport terminals in Sao Paulo. It optimizes the services provided for 10.3 million people who use the subway and buses daily.


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