Imply® Multisports Displays turn matches into great events

Imply® Multisports Displays turn matches into great events

They are the ones that often draw attention during a match, and especially when the teams score! Imply® Multisports Displays combine technology, interactivity and quality to disseminate information at sporting events. They are ideal for sports complexes, gyms, multisports arenas, fields and courts that host competitions, matches and trainings.

Versatile for multiple sports, they transform any game into a spectacle of its own. Thus, they are complete for soccer, futsal, basketball, handball, volleyball, among other sports. Thus, Imply® Multisports Displays show scores, game timer, game period, and other useful information for many sports.

Its high brightness LED’s draw the attention and provide a clear view of the information, with wide viewing angle and readable even at great distances. Developed with the best materials, Imply® Multisports Displays have high strength and durability. As well as offering great finish and incredible visual results.

Success Case

Imply® Group installed 4 Multisports Displays at the Geraldao Multipurpose Complex, the largest multisports gymnasium in Recife, Brazil. With capacity for over 10,000 people, the complex hosts games, events and concerts. See more:

Turn any match into a memorable event with Imply® Multisports Displays

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