Imply technology provides comfort and safety to the fans of Atletico Paranaense Club

The Paranaense Championship, began on February 8, at the Arena da Baixada of the Club Atletico Paranaense (CAP), in Curitiba, Brazil. To access the stadium, the fans started to use the new access control system with biometrics, whose registration started in December last year. The Imply® technology  offers more comfort and safety to access the stadium. “The biometric access complements other technologies used during the 2014 World Cup in Arena da Baixada. The process will increase the security and identification of users,” said the IMPLY® CEO, Tironi Paz Ortiz.
According to the IT Manager of CAP, Ivan Carlos de Araujo Zamban, the pioneer purpose was also a success. “More than 65% of the public in the sector entered using biometrics, with a positive impact to the system. This measure is also a response to problems we had with security in the past,” he said. Accoding to  Zamban, the next steps are to expand the deployment of this new technology with the registration of other fans. “We also need to strengthen the conversations with public safety to try to integrate biometric information,” he added.
In addition to the access by biometrics, Imply® also installed in the Arena da Baixada the Access Management System with 95 turnstiles, KEY Building Control for access management to administrative rooms in 57 doors and i-Parking Management System in eight parking gates. “The efficient technology provided easier and faster access for fans to the stadium during the World Cup in 2014,” recalls Ortiz.
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