Juventude modernizes its operations with Imply® Eleven360 platform

Juventude modernizes its operations with Imply® Eleven360 platform

Another Brazilian team now has Imply® Group’s ticket sales management and access control technologies. Esporte Clube Juventude is the newest customer that has received Eleven360 support to optimize match day operations. The debut of the new platform took place this Sunday, August 25.

Imply® Group is responsible for ticket sales and access control at the Alfredo Jaconi Stadium games in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. The stadium offers capacity for over 18,000 fans. Access control occurs through 18 turnstiles and 8 handhelds. Tickets are sold through the portal https://juventude.eleventickets.com and also at the stadium box office.

The project, according to the president of Esporte Clube Juventude, Walter Dal Zotto Jr, is part of the club’s priorities. “Juventude has always had, among its priorities, special attention to its member. It is on this philosophy that we are seeking the optimization of service, access, ticket sales and all the details related to the direct service to the fans. Thus, we understand that we are taking a big step towards the excellence of our service”, says the president.

About the Imply® Group, Walter praised the service and tools offered. “The concern of the company to offer a product suited to the reality and needs of Juventude caught our attention. At all times, since the first conversations, there was a lot of interest from Imply® to understand the scenario where the club is inserted, the fan culture, the profile of our member and countless other details showed that the work is thought of in each detail. This made us extremely satisfied”, he said.

About Eleven360

Like the other stadiums that use this technology, the whole system is integrated, which allows Juventude to develop innovative management, with monitoring dashboards and real-time conferencing of information. Thus, statistical reports are generated that allow decision making to leverage the success of operations. All of this enables the optimization of the shopping and access journey, and develops new opportunities for interaction with fans. The platform also ensures greater safety and comfort in events.

To learn more about Eleven360 solutions, go to: https://imply.com/engb/access-systems/

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