Mira Serra Park Hotel presents Green Bowling Imply®

Mira Serra Park Hotel presents Green Bowling Imply®

Always looking to improve the experience offered to its guests and visitors, Mira Serra Park Hotel, located in Passo Quatro – Minas Gerais, Brazil, now offers more fun and entertainment with 2 lanes of the incredible Green Bowling. The Bowling with state-of-the-art technology, together with the high gastronomy, comfort and several leisure areas offered by the Hotel, allows to provide unique leisure experiences for the whole family.

Bowling is a proven attraction worldwide! Everyone loves playing because it is easy to learn and attracts all ages. Bowling is a lucrative entertainment tool and has above-average return on investment. Start your project now, and you could start earning a return on your investment next season. Count on our experience. We are your partners to maximize your results! Learn more: https://imply.com/engb/bowling-and-entertainment/


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