Flamengo’s victory marks the return of the public at the Stadiums in Brazil with Imply® Technology

In a statement, Conmebol (South American Football Confederation) established recommendations for the gradual return of the public to stadiums in a safe way: https://www.conmebol.com/es/protocolo-de-recomendaciones-para-la-vuelta-del-publico-en-los-estadios

After about 500 days of Football competitions without audience in Brazilian Stadiums, the first match in Latin America this year with tickets available to the public, featured Imply® Technology. The public returned to the stadiums last Wednesday, 21, in the match between Flamengo and Defensa Y Justicia-ARG for the Copa Libertadores at Mané Garrincha Stadium, in Brasília, Brazil.

As part of the security protocols, in addition to the mandatory use of a mask, the occupation of up to 25% of the stadium’s capacity was authorized, with distance between the fans. In addition, tickets were sold exclusively over the internet through the Imply® Platform. Therefore, to access the match it was required to present proof of vaccination or negative PCR test for Covid-19 carried out up to 48 hours before the match.

Flamengo uses the Imply® Eleven360 Platform to manage its ticket sales channels in an integrated and intelligent way. In this way, the platform has several tools that optimize management and allow to deliver the best experiences to fans, promoting digital excellence.

Now, with technology as an ally of security protocols, the return of football with audiences in stadiums is a possible reality. On the occasion, Flamengo won more than just a game: above all, the club was reunited with the affection and support of its fans!

Learn more about technologies to innovate management and provide a safe return of the public to the Stadiums:

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