Vasco announces access via facial recognition in São Januário

Vasco announces access via facial recognition in São Januário

Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama, one of the most traditional football clubs in Brazil, announced an innovation that promises to modernize the experience at São Januário Stadium, placing the stadium among the safest in the country. Later this year, fans will have faster and safer access, thanks to the implementation of Imply®️  ElevenTickets Access Control System with facial recognition.

Currently, access to the São Januário stadium is via Imply® ElevenTickets  Access Control System Platform. The 52 turnstiles feature with different integrated validation technologies, with RFID readers, 1D and 2D barcodes (Qrcode). The integrated system checks and validates each entry to the correct sector in real time with agility and high precision. To ensure even greater security, the entire access system will undergo a technological upgrade with the implementation of facial recognition and biometric validators.

Once the modules are installed, Vasco will begin the process of registering members, fans and visitors in a phased manner and following the relevant legislation for data collection and storage. The club will use the ElevenTickets portal developed by Imply® to facilitate registrations remotely, thus generating more convenience for fans.

Access control with facial recognition is one of the most efficient and secure innovations today, with high standards of security, performance and practicality. To release upon access, the system performs three steps:
– Identification: The equipment identifies the presence of a user.
– Authentication: The technology uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to work with great speed and precision, comparing the unique characteristics of the human face to verify identity. The points of the human face are analyzed and compared with the data available in the database, to authenticate the user’s identity. The system has a database that saves facial prints, which serve as authentication keys for users.
– Authorization: After authenticating the user’s identity, the system checks whether this user has access authorization for the location and for the desired day and time. If the user has authorization, the system automatically releases the turnstile to allow entry. If the user does not have authorization, access will be blocked.

Using the facial recognition validator, it is possible to bring even more security to the stadium, as identity fraud is avoided. The technology ensures that only authorized people access each area and that any unauthorized person is prevented from accessing it.

Imply® Facial Recognition System has several features to ensure the accuracy and security of the user registration and authentication process. It is one of the most accurate on the market, with an accuracy of over 99.9% so that people can be identified correctly. The Live detection functionality detects impersonation and substitution attempts, preventing photos or videos from being used to authenticate access. Furthermore, it has rigorous validation of the registered photo, to reliably ensure the genuine identity of users.

The solution aims to raise the level of security and innovation at São Januário, so that fans and visitors enjoy a safer and more efficient experience, knowing that they are protected by state-of-the-art solutions.

Success Stories

Imply® develops innovative technologies to modernize management and experiences, and aims to make Brazil a global reference in safety in sports experiences. The company is a leader in providing technologies for managing tickets, members and access control in Latin American football. This year, Imply® implemented Access Control with Facial Recognition at Arena MRV and will also start the service soon at Ligga Arena and Sport Clube do Recife.

In 2017, Imply® was a pioneer in the country with 100% Access Control through biometric validation at Club Athletico Paranaense. Through a partnership established between the club and the Government of the State of Paraná, it was possible to share the database necessary for this innovative solution. At Ligga Arena, adherence to biometric registration has become a mandatory requirement for all fans, including visitors. One of the most impactful aspects of this system is the ability to detect fans with outstanding arrest warrants. In this way, when an access attempt is made by a fan with pending legal matters, Club Athletico Paranaense acts promptly, contacting the competent authorities, both the Civil and Military Police, thus guaranteeing the safety of everyone present at the stadium.

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