Corsan modernizes operations with Imply Self-Service Terminals

Corsan Sanitation Company, with the objective of increasing the satisfaction of its customers, is providing 320 Imply Self-Service Terminals at several cities in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil.

The hardware and software of the Terminals are being developed by Imply to expand users’ access to various services offered by Corsan. In addition, Corsan managers will have access to several reports with information for performance analysis and measurement of service results.

Besides facilitating and speeding up, the project aims to increase the availability of services, as well as reduce the queues at the branch counters, bringing greater convenience to customers. Imply Terminals have touchscreens, and by informing the identity number of the water bill holder, through a few touches on the screen, the services are accessed in an easy, agile and intuitive way. Initially, Self-Service Terminals will enable Corsan users to:
• Print a duplicate of the account with barcode;
• Consult pending invoices;
• Request sending the monthly invoice by email;
• Consult water supply situation by municipality;
• Communicate water leaks in the property;
• Communicate water leaks on the street;
• Schedule appointments;
• Make payments (soon);

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