Efficient Innovation: Sanepar celebrates 3+ Million Services at Imply® Self-Service Kiosks in 2023

Efficient Innovation: Sanepar celebrates 3+ Million Services at Imply® Self-Service Kiosks in 2023

The incessant search for innovation and improvement in sanitation services does not stop, and Paraná Sanitation Company (Sanepar) is at the forefront of this transformation. In an ambitious initiative, Sanepar implemented Imply® Self-Service Kiosks in dozens of municipalities, with the clear purpose of modernizing and improving the customer experience.

Since their implementation in May 2018, the Kiosks installed in areas with a large flow of people have played a fundamental role in the lives of the people of Paraná. They facilitate access to more than 20 of the Company’s services at convenient times for the consumer.

“The measure guarantees convenience, ease and safety” praises Claudio Stabile, President of Sanepar.

According to Vanessa Marochi Duran, Commercial Coordinator at Sanepar: “The project is very relevant for Sanepar, with its focus on customer satisfaction. Services are provided intuitively, with innovation and technology. Imply® offered the best financial and technological combination to meet our demand. We highlight your ability to seek agile solutions for unscheduled demands.”

In 2023, the results were significant, with more than 3 million services provided through the Kiosks. These impressive numbers include 290,000 payments.

Among the services most demanded by consumers are debt queries and consumption history, issuing duplicates, payments and updating records. Thus, Imply® Self-Service Kiosks have become the essential tool for Sanepar to expand its services and guarantee even greater satisfaction to its customers.

Benefits of having Imply® Self-Service Kiosks

Strategic Cost Reduction: Benefit from cost reduction, promoting more effective and sustainable financial management for your institution.

Increased Service Availability: Expand the presence of your services to more locations and times, meeting the diverse needs of your audience.

Customer Satisfaction in Focus: Use the self-service system to reduce queues, promoting satisfaction and improving your audience’s experience.

Operational Optimization and Scalability: Count on more operational optimization, efficiency and scalability to strengthen your organization’s structure.

Therefore, if your organization is looking to improve the customer experience and optimize processes, discover how Imply® Self-Service Kiosks can be the ideal solution. We are here to create personalized solutions that meet your specific needs, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Contact us and transform the way you offer services to the public!

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