Eixo SP Highway Concessionaire modernizes with Imply VMS

Eixo SP Highway Concessionaire, responsible for the largest road concession in Brazil, chooses Imply® technologies. The Highway Concessionaire manages more than 1,200 kilometers, connecting 12 highways and 62 municipalities, from the center to the extreme west of the State of São Paulo. To expand communication with the traveler, Eixo SP counts with dozens of Imply® […]

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More than 240 panels installed in Minas Gerais for OOH media

The Fredizak Group significantly expanded its external media offer with the Imply® Panels. The company offers innovative solutions to advertisers in Minas Gerais and all over Brazil, through out of home media. The media catalog now includes 146 Imply® Outdoor Information Displays and 102 Outdoor LED Digital Signages. With more than 30 years of experience, […]

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Out Of Home Media: being in the right place at the right time

How many times do you cross the same street or avenue? Whether by car, public transport, bicycle, or on foot, urban commutes have one thing in common: Everyone passes through the same places often. Being physically close to your key audience allows you to establish a dialogue, generate connection and establish your brand in their […]

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Imply® Out of Home Media optimize disclosures in Brazil

Out of Home Media are a great alternative for wide-ranging disclosures. Now, the capitals Aracaju and Natal in Brazil have hundreds of Billboards and Outdoor LED Digital Signage, developed by Imply® Group for MC Visual Communication. MC is a specialist in OOH Media operations in several Brazilian cities and capitals.  In addition, Imply® already offers […]

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São Luis and Belém innovate in out of home medias with Imply® Message Panels

In order to innovate the urban comunication, the company MC Mensagens installed 73 Imply® Message Panels in the capitals São Luis and Belém – Brazil. The panels were installed in places with high flow of people, with 21 panels in São Luis and 52 in Belém. The PEM 2017 model has been developed according to […]

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