Discover our Complete Solutions for Tourist and Cultural Attractions

Discover our Complete Solutions for Tourist and Cultural Attractions

Based on our experiences helping different Attractions to adapt to new scenarios and create competitive advantages, we created a portfolio of integrated solutions for digital transformation.

Imply® solutions can help you improve the visitor experience at tourist and cultural attractions in the most varied segments: Theaters, Museums, Cultural Centers, Amusement Parks, Ecological and Natural Parks, Water Parks, Thermal Parks, Botanical Gardens, Zoos, Aquariums, Entertainment Centers, Cinemas, and more.

In addition to making visitor experiences more practical, Imply® complete solutions facilitate the operation and management of your business, creating new opportunities for growth.

Imply® is an expert in creating integrated solutions for Attractions, with complete services for:

✓ Omnichannel Ticket Sales.
✓ Access Control.
✓ Parking Control.
✓ Loyalty Program.
✓ Cashless Payments.
✓ Customer Service, Staff & Consulting.
✓ Anti-fraud security.
✓ Dashboards & Reports.

Discover some of our Success Cases:

Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro Theater
Maracanã Tour
Green Canyons
Termas Romanas
Museu da Casa Brasileira
Caminhos do Mar
Univates Cultural Center
Cine Santa Cruz
Cine Max 3D

Advantages of using Imply® Technology in tourist and cultural attractions

The customer first:
We can create and integrate sales, payment and service channels, promoting the digital excellence of your business. We also design solutions to facilitate flows and create new opportunities for engagement with your brand and your sponsors.

Profitable growth:
We offer digital platforms to automate payments and boost your sales conversion, including advance tickets, agency and group tickets and combos with services and souvenirs. In addition, our anti-fraud technology increases security by minimizing revenue evasion.

Cost Efficiency:
The automation of routine tasks and back-office processes allows your team to have more availability to focus on activities of greater added value for your Attraction. It is then possible to migrate operational roles to management and customer-centric roles, improving services, streamlining processes and increasing productivity.

Data driven management:
Our platforms help capture and analyze relevant data through integrated reports to aid in management and decision making. Real-time dashboards, graphs and data analytics provide dynamic insights into the customer journey as well as sales and operations.

What solution can we create for you?
Don’t waste any more time! Talk to our consultants and learn how our technologies can modernize your Attraction, making everything easier for managers and visitors. Access:

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