Univates University Cultural Center opens with Imply® Access System

A memorable night for Univates University. On Saturday, May 3rd, the institution opened its Cultural Center, with a show of singer and composer Gilberto Gil accompanied by the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra ( OSPA ).
Imply® participated on the upgrade of the cultural environment, facilitating access to library and theater with the SIGA technology: Imply® Access Control and Ticketing Management System, which includes Point of Sale and Turnstiles, with full management of access control and billing integrated into a single platform.
The practicality of Imply® Access System is evidenced by the use of the University smartcards to access the new Cultural Centre. As well, the solution developed by Imply® streamlines access to large flows of people, increasing the security of the site and also contributing for the comfort with shorter queues.
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