Imply® ElevenTickets Facial Recognition: Discover Clubs using the technology

Imply® ElevenTickets Facial Recognition: Discover Clubs using the technology

Reliability and experience are valuable assets. Therefore, Imply® ElevenTickets is the choice of big brands:

✓ Pioneer in digital biometrics, Club Athletico Paranaense, partner of ElevenTickets Imply® since 2014, is implementing Digital Biometrics for technological access Ligga Arena. Learn more:
✓ The Sport Clube do Recife is another case of success in the agile validation of facial biometry. From the onboarding of the controller to the access to the game day and services for the members, Imply® ElevenTickets  Platform is shown in the best possible way. Learn more:
✓ In Rio de Janeiro, Vasco also uses facial biometrics to modernize access to the São Januário Stadium. Learn more:
✓ One of the most technological arenas in Brazil, Arena MRV, home of Atlético Mineiro, also has the ElevenTickets Imply® equipment for facial recognition in all access control. Learn more:

According to Fabiano Horn, Technology Director of Imply® ElevenTickets , explains: “Our system has the highest on-board technology. Live detection performs face scanning, and our algorithms translate the information generated, avoiding fraud. The data is only obtained by details: volumetry, expressions and vivacity of the face. With validation through the government’s data bank, frauds are practically impossible. This is the best access system to guarantee effective security.”

Focus on experience

Our Facial Recognition has several differences to guarantee the best experiences: Users can register over the internet with ease and practicality, at any time and in any place. In addition to practical onboarding, access verification and validation happens in less than 1 second, accelerating the queues. Also, the security is effective: The face match is carried out through integration with the largest data banks. The Live Detection technology is capable of detecting movements and facial expressions, guaranteeing the authentication of only real users, thus preventing attempts to use photos or videos for access. Learn more about our solutions :

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