Residencial Monvert opens with Imply® Bowling

Residencial Monvert, developed by OR, offers high standard infrastructure that unites nature and technology in one place. With the proposal to bring more comfort, well-being and entertainment to its audience, inaugurated two towers with 34 and 36 floors that have apartments from 230 to 285 m², each with an individual social hall and four suites. […]

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Imply® Bowling Alleys at new Orlando-themed mansion

Those who want to spend their holidays in Orlando, in the United States, have an extra reason to celebrate: the ninth mansion of the Hope Rise Properties Group was inaugurated, offering guests luxury, comfort and quality entertainment with two themed Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys. Named Adventure Island, the mansion is close to Orlando’s main attractions […]

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Luxurious mansion in Pakistan installs Imply® Bowling Alleys

One of Pakistan’s most fabulous homes just got even more amazing with the installation of two Imply® Bowling Alleys. Located in Laore, the capital and most populous city in the province of Punjab, the neoclassical mansion followed the world trend of quality entertainment and chose Imply® technology to surprise. With a super modern and sophisticated […]

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Fabulous hi-tech mansion with Imply® Bowling in Saudi Arabia

With super modern design and several technological amenities, this luxury mansion in Saudi Arabia is equipped with 2 Imply® Bowling Alleys with futuristic decor. One of the main trends for luxury homes and condominiums, Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys offer the most modern technologies for entertainment. Mainly, they are a guarantee of fun for all ages […]

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Imply® Bowling in the home of one of the most famous players in the world

The best in the world are always in good company! That’s why one of the most famous Brazilian soccer players in the world chose Imply® Bowling Alleys for his home. 2 Bowling Alleys were installed at the owner’s residence, who opted for Imply® expertise to have his own bowling alley. Imply® is a reference in […]

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Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys value Property in Peru

Seeking to add even more value to his property and make it unique, the owner of a residence in Cuzco, Peru, decided to innovate with the installation of 2 Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys in his leisure area. Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys have the latest technology to provide great experiences! Imply® Group is a reference in […]

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Imply® Residential Bowling values ​​​​residence leisure area

The owner of a residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil, decided to innovate with the installation of an Imply® Residential Bowling Alley in his leisure area. The Imply® Residential Bowling brings the best of entertainment into your home. In addition, they add market value to your property, being a great differential for your residence. Imply® Group […]

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New Orlando-themed mansion opens with Imply® Residential Bowling Lanes

Imagine having the opportunity to enjoy your vacation in a luxurious themed mansion with Imply® Residential Bowling Lanes? In the Orlando area, USA, the eighth themed mansion was inaugurated, called the VIP Hollywood Experience, which has a series of innovative attractions. Like the others, all have two themed Imply® Residential Bowling Lanes. The eight luxury […]

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Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys value leisure area with thematic decoration

Cast the first stone who has never dreamed of having a personalized space for leisure and games! With a SpongeBob themed decoration, a beautiful home in Orlando, USA, now features Two Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys. All this with paintings on the walls that refer to the Bikini Bottom, where the main adventures of the cartoon […]

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Residence adds value with Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys

Making our home even more welcoming to family, friends and co-workers is a shared desire by everyone. That’s why Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys are perfect for this purpose. The owner of a beautiful home in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil, decided to innovate with the installation of Two Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys in his […]

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