Via Brasil installs Imply® Self Service Kiosks on BR-163

Via Brasil is the concessionaire responsible for the maintenance, conservation and monitoring of the BR-163. The 1,009-kilometer stretch is one of the main corridors for the flow of grain production in the Midwest and North of Brazil. Via Brasil invested in solutions that made the service to its public more optimized, practical and qualified. Self […]

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Imply® Self-Service Kiosks facilitate urban mobility for millions of Brazilians

Urban mobility is a challenge for big cities. To give you an idea, more than 170 million people use public transport in Brazil daily. Purchasing or recharging a ticket at traditional ticket offices can be a test of patience. But thanks to technology, the scenario has changed in recent years. Sao Paulo, the largest city […]

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Goiás State performs 1.3 million essential services with the support of Imply® Self-Service Kiosks

In May 2021, Goiás State Government, Brazil, took a significant step in the digital transformation of services offered to the population. The State Government implemented the Expresso Program, a platform created to democratize and facilitate access to 110 services, including scheduling attendances, issuing invoices, requesting documents, consultations and requests. Since then, the tool has accounted […]

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Sacyr modernizes RSC-287 highway with Imply® Panels and Self-Service

The Rota de Santa Maria Concessionaire is a company of the Sacyr Group, responsible for the concession of 204 km of the RSC-287 highway, between Tabaí and Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. To guarantee excellence to the public, the company decided to modernize its services with the technology of Imply® Panels and […]

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Celesc optimizes services with Imply® Self-Service Kiosks

Seeking to modernize its operations and make public services more accessible, Celesc decided to innovate with the installation of dozens of Self-Service Imply® Kiosks in 49 municipalities in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Created in 1955, Celesc is one of the largest companies in the Brazilian electricity sector, being the largest in the State […]

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São José dos Campos modernizes services with Imply® Self Service Kiosk

The current challenge for public administration is to modernize and digitize services, covering the entire population and making them more accessible to everyone. Therefore, the City Hall of São José dos Campos, Brazil, decided to invest in innovation with the Imply® Self Service Kiosk. Thus, dozens of Self Service Kiosks are located at strategic points […]

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Maringá City Hall optimizes services with Imply® Self Service Kiosks

Imply® Self Service Kiosks in Maringá offer several services in the main points of the city The City of Maringá, in Brazil, is providing Imply® Self Service Kiosks in the main points of the city. Thus, the Terminals are being strategically distributed in points of great circulation of people, including public places and commerce. The […]

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Success Case: Self Service Kiosks in Minas Gerais

Self Service Kiosks in Minas Gerais developed by the Imply® Group simplify and streamline government services The Self Service Kiosks have been developed by the Imply® Group for the Minas Gerais State Government, in Brazil, in order to simplify access to various services. The interactive Terminals have been installed in dozens of cities in the […]

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Corsan modernizes operations with Imply Self-Service Terminals

Corsan Sanitation Company, with the objective of increasing the satisfaction of its customers, is providing 320 Imply Self-Service Terminals at several cities in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. The hardware and software of the Terminals are being developed by Imply to expand users’ access to various services offered by Corsan. In addition, Corsan managers […]

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Imply® Self-Service Terminals facilitate the routine of the population of Minas Gerais

In March, the Secretariat of Planning and Management of the Government of the State of Minas Gerais (Seplag), in Brazil, decided to modernize its operations in order to facilitate the daily lives of citizens. Thus, dozens of Imply® Group self-service terminals were installed in about 32 cities in the state. The hardware and software of […]

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