Electronic Road Panel – PER

An innovative technology for intelligent roads, providing more security, information and comfort to users.



Intelligent traffic solutions:

Take the traffic system to a new level by providing a modern and high level service, provide reliable information to drivers in real time, quickly and efficiently.


More Security:

Promote accident reduction and encourage the reduction of speed, with information on traffic conditions, highway conditions, notices of accidents, under construction, men at work, congestion, alternate routes, estimated travel time, weather changes, regulated speed, educational messages, guidance, alert or warning messages, among many other situations.


High-brightness LEDs

Uses the latest technology in 100% digital LED displays. The RGB pictogram displays color images, and the electronic panel full matrix board displays various messages, time, date, temperature and graphics, with different speeds and effects. Also available in FullColor version, contact us!


More Visibility:

The messages can be viewed 300m away, maximizing the attention of drivers. LEDs ensure a clear view of information even in direct contact with sunlight, with an unique light sensor for brightness control that prevents glare and reduces energy consumption.


Web Management: Comfort and Total Control

Updating of data in real time via Internet, from anywhere, with our 100% online management. With intuitive layout and easy usability, you can monitor the Panel and manage the messages any day of the week, 24 hours a day and most importantly, from anywhere.


High Durability:

Developed with the best materials and strict quality control. With IP65 protection level, are protected against the weather. Designed to operate 24 hours a day with resistance to trepidation and to the most severe weather conditions, traffic, pollution, changes in temperature and relative humidity. Use robust technologies for a lasting high performance.


Quality and Reliability

The specifications use international standards. Operation according to NTCIP protocol and NEMA Standards TS4‐2005.


Success Cases:

“Imply® surprised us very positively not only by its production capacity, as the industrial structure and organization of the company, customers that it has acquired in the world, know-how that the company has. And we were very happy with the results, the product quality is amazing. And the very partnership to do something different with a highly advanced technology, is what Imply® provided us.” Mr. Ricardo Junqueira Victorelli, Chief Operating Officer of Triumph Concebra


"It's in the DNA of Triunfo, and the Triunfo companies, the issue of innovation, technology and quality, very aligned with the DNA of Imply®, where we also identified the issue of technology and innovation with quality. I think it's all in the DNA of the company, and we are very pleased with the results we are having.” Mr. Rogério Cezimbra, IT Manager of Triunfo Concebra.

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