The Imply® Displays with Full Color technology offer excellent image fidelity. Meet the most varied applications, such as concerts, presentations, advertising, among others.

Provide the Full Color in places with high flow of people promoting:
- More interactivity;
- More disclosure and advertising;
- Increase in sales;
- Increase the return on investment from the sale of advertising spaces;
- Increase public satisfaction and loyalty.



The latest technology in LED displays:

The Imply® Full Color Panels use green technology, with low consumption LEDs. Offer the most advanced visual communication technology, transmitting modernity wherever they are installed. Its high brightness LEDs draw the attention and provide a clear view of information, even from large distances.


High Resolution:

Display high quality images in large format, even in bright environments. With color processing at 16 bits for each color and over 280 trillion colors, enrich the audience experience and provide maximum impact.


High Definition Image:

Available in resolutions P16 and P10.
The higher the resolution, the higher the investment per square area, because smaller LEDs are used in bigger amounts. The P10 model, for example, has a 10mm pixel size, with higher definition for greater proximity to the public (visible from 5m, or 5,4 yards), while the panel P16 has a 16mm pixel size, for clear visualization of information from larger distances (visibility from 11m, or 12 yards).


Dynamic Information:

Present various types of videos, images, pictures, and animations with great detail. Offer generation of real-time texts, score for sports games, animations, advertisements, commercials, TV capture, watch, stopwatch, and more. When used as Perimeter for Stadium Soccer Fields, includes tilt adjustment structure with up to 5 tilt levels. 


Web Management: Comfort and Total Control

We make a difference at the time you need the most. Manage your Full Color in real time via internet from anywhere, with our 100% online management. With intuitive and easy usability layout, you have access to managing your Full Color any day of the week, 24 hours a day and most importantly, from anywhere.
- You can program several FullColor centrally: apply the same configuration or different settings on various panels throughout different cities.
- Allows to present videos, pictures, pictograms, text messages, external temperature, clock and calendar, countdown dates for events, count days without accidents, and more.
- RSS Feeds - Publicize news with automatic updates: When selecting feeds and sources of information, your contents of interest will be disclosed to the public.
- Allows you to control the display time and the number of repetitions for ads. Set schedules, weekdays, days of the month and mounths to the media.
- Create and edit schedules: order, random display, display effects.
- Register the address, hours and days of operation of the panels, with time for switching on and off.
- Verify the overall status of each device with hardware information.
- Reports of the media viewing, and more.


High Durability:

Developed with the best materials, are manufactured in high strength carbon steel structures with anti-corrosive treatment and epoxy paint, ensuring the best finishing, with great visual results.


Support and Fixation Structure:

How your FullColor will be fixed? Suspended, in concrete, in a pole, with 360° rotation?
Share your ideas. Our engineering team will develop the right solution to make your project come true.


What solution can we create for you?

We develop the optimal solution according to your needs to ensure disclosures with excellent prominence and visibility.

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