TMS - Trailer Message Sign

The ideal solution for flexible demands of information, when agility is essential. With trailer structure, this high-tech equipment features a LED panel for easy locomotion. Add more technology and security to your services with the IMPLY® Trailer Message Sign.



More Mobility:

It is a practical alternative for rapid movimentation to optimize the signal in any spot that timely needs further attention. For easy operation, it features a power-driven lifting mechanism, and 360-degree rotation for optimal steering of your bright and flashy messages.



Just position and switch on the Panel. Scheduling your messages is fast, locally or remotely, from anywhere. Can be used to direct traffic, parking and public flows, publicize promotions, announce events, promote accident reduction and speed reduction, report on traffic conditions, highway conditions, notices of accidents, under construction, men at work, congestion, alternate routes, estimated travel time, weather changes, regulated speed, educational messages, guidance, alert or warning messages, among many other situations.


More Visibility:

Messages can be viewed at great distances. Can display texts, date, time and graphics (with full matrix technology). Additionally, you can schedule a weekday and time for displaying specific announcements.


GPS Technology - Optional:

Displays the Panel location.


High-brightness LEDs:

Uses the latest technology in 100% digital LED displays. Ensure a clear view of information even in direct contact with sunlight, with an unique light sensor for brightness control that prevents glare and reduces energy consumption.


More Economy:

With the option of power by solar energy, and low power consumption LED Clusters. Ecologically correct, are silent and do not pollute.


High Durability:

Developed with the best materials and strict quality control. Use robust technologies for a lasting high performance.

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