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Discover the ElevenTickets platform. With white label tools and custom solutions to optimize your management and the audience's experience. ElevenTickets integrates modules for Ticket sales, Access control, Cashless, Membership management, Benefits programs and more. ElevenTickets offers everything you need to maximize your results. Consult data in real-time to gain insights and improve performance. In addition, we offer support teams, personalized consulting and high quality services. ElevenTickets is reliable under pressure, with high performance and security for managing large volumes of audiences. What solution can we create for you?


How does a ticketing system work?

Ticketing systems are used for ticket sales, ensuring the effective management of different types of tickets and lots in various sales channels. Real-time occupancy management avoids overcrowding or overselling, with availability updated in real time.
Our modular solutions can be configured and customized according to your needs. Through our experienced consulting, we add quality and dedication to maximize results for each client.

What is Cashless? How do cashless payments work?

Cashless is a proximity payment system, and its operation requires RFID or QR Code wristbands or cards.
This way, the customer recharges an amount of money in one of these items and is able to use the available balance for consumption.
This system ensures much more convenience and agility, reducing queues and increasing the satisfaction of people at the location. In addition, Cashless technology optimizes the financial management of your business, facilitating the control of stock and cash flow of the points of sale.
With real-time reports and dashboards, you manage your business with ease and high precision.

What is access control for people and vehicles like?

Access control is an advanced security technology that identifies people to manage access restrictions and permissions. 

This way, it blocks the access of unauthorized people to each area. There are several options of equipment for this control:

  • Control for Doors; 
  • Facial validator;
  • Turnstiles;
  • Handhelds;
  • Free flow;
  • Automated Turnstiles.

How does the facial recognition validator work?

The innovative facial recognition validator ensures easier access control. For the Facial Recognition access validation, each user needs to register a photo. By bringing the face close to the validator, the equipment performs the identification of people, to manage access restrictions and permissions.