Imply® present in six arenas of the 2014 World Cup

In 2014 Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. To do so, has been modernizing their stadiums to receive millions of people expected to attend the championship.
Dynamism and innovation are present in the stadiums that will have the Imply® technology. For over ten years in the market, Imply® has been providing innovative solutions strictly within the FIFA standards for Brazilian stadiums.
The Imply® Access Management System – SIGA, is established as the Brazilian leader in this market, being present in six arenas that will receive the World Cup this year. Among the 12 stadiums that will host the championship, five offer the Imply® Access Management System and one features of the panels witth Imply® Full Color technology.
“Imply ® is today the only Latin American company that has developed an Access Management System within the strict international standards of FIFA. The whole Imply® System with brazilian technology was validated and operated during the Confederations Cup in June last year, at the Arena Pernambuco. To sign these contracts, Imply® competed with major international companies. Our success cases, as the solution developed for Gremio, won the customers, taking our projects to a new level. We celebrate these contracts which for us is a matter of great happiness and fulfillment.”Tironi Paz Ortiz, CEO Imply®.
A Arena Castelão is the first arena completed for the 2014 World Cup. With a capacity of over 63,000 spectators, the Arena Castelao will receive 6 games of the World Cup 2014. The stadium has higher standards of quality and has two modern Imply® Full Color Panels. With the grandiose dimensions of 12.8 meters wide and 8 meters tall, the towering panels were installed 40 meters tall from the lawn.
The Imply® Access Control System is present in Arena Pernambuco, Arena Fonte Nova, Arena das Dunas and, soon, will be in Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba, and Arena Amazonia, in Manaus.
In Arena Pernambuco, the Imply® Access Management System controls the access in 98 turnstiles and Ticketing System, with 23 Points of Sale. The stadium will host five games of the 2014 World Cup.
“With the Imply® solution, we had full control of access and ticketing process, safety and possibility of integrating other businesses of our Arena into the Imply® platform. The product was developed in a modern and versatile platform, allowing the integration of other businesses of the Arena. The benefits we had were the full control of ticketing and access management, information safety, convenience to customers and costs reduction by the implementation of integrated systems (arena user card alowing to buy tickets online, parking, and catering in the future). Regarding the Imply® differentials comparing to competition, I detach the professionalism, transparency, information safety, versatility of the solution, and the Imply® commitment and spirit to serve.” – Mr. Alexandre Gonzaga, Financial Administrative of Arena Pernambuco
Arena Fonte Nova, located in the Salvador – Bahia, used since its opening an imported Access System. But in November 2013 installed the Imply® System and began operating with 100% brazilian technology. The whole system is composed of 128 turnstiles and ticketing system, plus 26 points of sale managed with Imply® Technology for ticket sales.
The Arena das Dunas in Natal – RN, displays a show in infrastructure, with different design in dune format. In it, Imply® ensures the latest technology from all the Access Control System, Ticketing, Building Access Control (access management to administrative rooms) and the iParking – Parking Management System.
Besides the stadiums that will host the World Cup, Imply® is also present in other Brazilian stadiums, including the Arena of Gremio, located in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.
The Gremio Arena, was the first Arena inaugurated in Brazil, in early December 2013, and also has the latest technology to ensure complete safety through SIGA – Imply® Access Management System – which was already great success in the old Olympic Stadium since 2007.
Altogether, the Imply® System manages the access control in 104 turnstiles, 279 access doors and 19 parking gates. In addition, the box office has 30 points of sale for ticket sales and 30 hand helds. With the most reliable technology and quality service, the whole system is integrated into a single management platform.
“Imply® participated in a selection with very strong competitors from around the world. We have been Imply® partners in many years, precisely because their products and services always meet our expectations. We are prioritizing the best in the world for the Arena, from the lawn to the roof. If Imply® has been chosen is because we think it is the top supplier of world.” Mr. Eduardo Antonini – Former President of Gremio Ventures
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