Imply® promises to modernize the new Gremio Arena

Imply® promises to modernize the new Gremio Arena

The innovative SIGA – Imply® Access Management System promises to make the new Gremio Arena even more modern. With the great success of the system at the Olympic Stadium in Porto Alegre – since 2007 more than three million fans have accessed the club games through the SIGA – is confirmed the renewal for provision of Imply® Intelligent Systems in the new Gremio Foot-Ball Arena Porto Alegre.

Gremio’s house will be the first Arena to be inaugurated in Brazil, scheduled for December 8th, 2012. According to the President of Gremio Ventures, Mr. Eduardo Antonini: “Imply® participated in a selection with very strong competitors from around the world. We chose Imply® because it met all the factors we have prioritized for the Arena. We have been Imply® partners in many years, precisely because their products and services always meet our expectations. We are prioritizing the best in the world for the Arena, from the lawn to the roof. If Imply® has been chosen is because we think it is the top supplier of world.”

Offering 60,000 seats, Arena promises to overcome the official standards of FIFA. To complement the high standard in all areas, the new Arena promises to be even more alluring with the efficiency and quality of Imply® systems. Access to games and events will be controlled by modern smartcards, both for members and for non-members. Security will also be present in the Arena parking, which will include the I-Parking – Imply® Parking Management, giving fans a modern and secure access. And Imply® also will perform access control at the doors and other rooms of the complex.

On December 19th, the Gremio Arena will host one of the most traditional games between football fundraising events: the 10th edition of the Match Against Poverty. The cause, which aims to raise money for the benefit of poor countries, is promoted by the UN and ex-players Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo Nazario. In the field, will be friends of former superstars and the All Stars Brazil team.

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